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Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services (AJG)

AJG assisted in the creation and the administration of the LAC Self-Insured Fund. The LAC Self-Insured Fund is currently administrated by AJG and employs a Fund Administrator and Account Manager to oversee the operation of the self insured

Louisiana Agricultural Corporation, LLC (LAC, LLC)

LAC, LLC is a third party claims administrator that is owned by the members of LAC Self-Insured Fund. This entity was created in 1994 to provide consistent superior claims administration and loss control services for our membership. We have offices in Monroe, LA and Jonesboro, AR. Your staff of seven employees is charged with the responsibility of providing prompt workers’ compensation claim service to all eligible employees. They are just as determined to defeat any fraudulent claims. In order to spread out our overhead we handle claims for five other clients. We were able to handle the claims of these other entities, because LAC Self-Insured Fund has reduced their claims by fifty (50%) percent. By handling claims of others we have managed to keep the expenses of the fund level for over seventeen years.

Agricultural Association of Louisiana (AAL)

Under Louisiana law, a group self-insurance plan must have a sponsoring trade association. AAL was setup to be an umbrella organization over the Louisiana Cotton & Grain Association (formerly the Louisiana Cotton Producers Association); Louisiana Cotton Ginners Association, and the Louisiana Independent Cotton Warehouse Association. AAL is the primary revenue source to allow Jess Barr’s organization to promote and coordinate on a statewide and national basis, the objectives of Louisiana’s cotton and grain producers association.

Louisiana Cotton and Grain Producers Association

Provides regulatory, lobbying and legislature monitoring for both agriculture and workers’ compensation issues.

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