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LAC Self-Insured Fund created Louisiana Agricultural Corporation, LLC (LAC, LLC) to handle the claims of the Fund. LAC, LLC has been licensed by the state of Louisiana as a workers’ compensation Third Party Administrator (TPA) since 1994. LAC, LLC utilizes the Riskmaster claims management system to handle the administration of worker’s compensation claims for our members. Their employees have, collectively, over 50 years of Claims handling experience.


After an accident happens…

  1. Provide medical attention to the injured employee
  2. Request Post-Accident Drug Screening from the hospital or medical provider
  3. Report claim to Louisiana Agricultural Corporation, LLC by telephone, fax or email on the date of the accident or ASAP after the accident.
  4. *Do not pay any claims* Refer all phone calls or information relating to the accident/injury to Louisiana Agricultural Corporation, LLC.
    1. This includes: calls from medical providers, billing notices, attorney letters, etc.

No accident is insignificant. There are potential negative consequences as a result of not reporting a claim or the untimely reporting of a claim. So report ALL claims.

Claims Reporting Form – downloadable PDF

Material requested after an accident…

  1. Information – statement about the accident/injury from anyone who witnessed the injury
  2. Personnel Files – Application, Second Injury Questionnaire, I-9 form, also any and all documented personnel records/forms
  3. Wage Information – For all Loss Time Accidents. This includes cash, housing, bonuses, vehicle stipend, etc.
    1. Weekly workers compensation benefits must be started no later than 14 days from the date of the accident (if the employee misses more than seven days due to injury.)



Due to the fact that claims frequency tends to drive up experience modification factors, we offer our members the opportunity to reimburse the LAC Self-Insured Fund and have this claim deleted from their experience modification calculation. Members are under no obligation to repay the claim and there is no additional charge for us handling the claim prior to the claim being “bought back”. The two goals of the claims buy-back program are:

  1. To get members to report ALL claims
  2. Keep experience modifiers low.



Louisiana Agricultural Corporation, LLC
Claims Department
2003 Tower Drive
Monroe, La 71201

Ph: 318.324.0202
Toll Free: 1.800.579.0202
Fax 318.329.8894

Tommy Green
Claims Manager