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A member of the LAC Self-Insured Fund should have the following forms on file for each employee:

Application (English) – downloadable PDF
Application (Spanish) – downloadable PDF
I-9 Form (English) – downloadable PDF
I-9 Form (Spanish)
Second Injury Fund Questionnaire (English) – downloadable PDF
Second Injury Fund Questionnaire (Spanish) – downloadable PDF

The following Drug & Alcohol policy and Health & Safety plan must be implemented:

Drug & Alcohol policy in English – downloadable PDF
Drug & Alcohol policy in Spanish – downloadable PDF
Health & Safety plan template – downloadable PDF

Utilize the Contract and Addendum to Contract on all non-insured contracted truckmen. Keep a copy on file to send with audit for the year. The written contract should include the following:

  1. Identify parties involved. (Farmer Brown, LLC agrees to hire John Doe Trucking an independent contractor.)
  2. What is the scope of the work required? (Provide truck and driver to haul commodity from point A to point B)
  3. Term of agreement. (By load, three weeks, as needed)
  4. The amount you are to pay for service. (So much per mile; per load; per bale)
  5. The contract needs to be dated and signed by both parties.
  6. Attach the “Addendum to Contract” and have it signed

“Addendum to Contract” – downloadable PDF

Click the links below for questions regarding the Federal and State requirements for employees and regarding the classification of employees vs. independent contractors.,,id=98862,00.html