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Today LAC Self Insured Fund (LAC-SIF) provides workers’ compensation coverage to more than 500 members from a varied range of business classifications. Many of Louisiana’s finest agricultural related businesses obtain work comp through our self insured fund program. Workers’ Compensation Insurance is obtained through membership within the LAC Self Insured Fund, and as a member coverage is effective until membership is cancelled. Although the Fund is obviously geared towards agriculture, the LAC-SIF has a diverse mix of membership and also grants automatic membership with the Louisiana Cotton and Grain Association.The LAC Self-Insured Fund collects premium annually and operates on a calendar year basis. So regardless of when you join, your policy will automatically renew January 1st of every year until the member cancels their policy.

How to obtain membership into LAC Self-Insured Fund:

  • Review the Program Review and understand how a self-funded plan operates.
  • Provide at least 3 years’ prior workers’ compensation history (“3 year Loss-Run Report”)
  • Provide the names of at least five (5) fund members that will recommend applicant for membership.
  • Have a minimum annual premium of $2,000 (minimum payroll $15,000)
  • Join the Louisiana Agricultural Corporation, L.L.C. ($200 annual dues)


What’s expected of a member of the LAC Self-Insured Fund:

  • Pay estimated annual premiums in a timely manner
  • Comply with audit requirements
  • Comply with OSHA requirements as they apply to employee safety
  • Report ALL claims immediately
  • Maintain and enforce a Drug and Alcohol Policy & Employee Safety Plan
  • Have all employees complete the required forms
  • New Hire Application & I-9 form
  • Second Injury Fund Questionnaire form
  • Obtain Certificates of Insurance on all Independent Contractors